Bathroom 3

Bathroom 3 Another visualisation of a bathroom

Wall Charger

Wall Charger This is a visualization of a wall charger which is produced by a German computer manufacturer. Previous Next

Bag End

Bag End My interpretation of Bag End from lord of the rings. Unfortunately the scene quickly became pretty heavy and my PC couldn´t really handle it anymore. This is the result so far. With a better computer I´m definitely going to work on it again!

Drinking Bottle

Drinking Bottle The inspiration for this project came from a colleague from university whose job it was to create a similar bottle as his final exam in the third semester. Previous Next


Cabin I started creating this scene in 2018 when I was still at university. Back then I didn´t have the skills yet to finish it. But with the knowledge I have today I was finally able to complete it.


Chair A place to relax and read a book.


Beachhouse As you might have already noticed I really enjoy cozy scenes. So here´s one more of them. Previous Next


Bathroom I found a similar bathroom on the website of a local bathroom furniture manufacturer. I kept the overall look of the room but replaced the furniture with new ones that fit my personal taste a bit better. In addition to that I added some colorful decoration to make the whole scene look a bit […]


Terrace A project I created on one weekend, mainly because I wanted to learn more about caustics.

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