Apple Macbook Apple Macbook Opening animation of a Macbook.

Ship rising Ship rising Infinite Ocean simulation with weeks of tweaking parameters like foam or splashes.

Candle Candle Small project I created based on a real object I saw at my parents house.

Record Player Record Player In this early project I challenged myself to animate multiple parts of an object and worked with the curve editor and the dope sheet for the first time.

Shower Shower The challenge in this project was to find a good balance between simulation time and cell size of the liquid particles. Smaller sell size means longer simulation time but if the cell size was too big the drops couldn´t come out of the shower nozzles.

Cylinder Explosion Cylinder Explosion This project was a test project for me to find out how to keep a simulation inside of a closed volume.

Particle Skinner Particle Skinnern For the second module of computer graphics at university we were told to create a simple 3D-animation. At that time I didn´t know yet how to deal with noise in an image and I didn´t know how to maintain the original texture on the fractured pieces of the object. I fixed these […]

Gasoline Explosion Gasoline Explosion This explosion was created using a wavelet turbulence re-simulation on top of the base simulation to add extra detail in the fire and the smoke.

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