Snack A German ‚Brotzeit‘. Pretzel, beer, a sausage and cucumbers.

Office Chair

Office chair The task for one of my applications was to create a modern office chair. This is the result.

Still life

Still life In this scene my focus was on the lighting. I tried to make it look really natural. The scene is part of a mediterranean house. Previous Next

Fuming Tincture

Fuming Tincture This project was created as submission for the ‚Fan Fridays‘ for the upcoming game ‚Ashes of Creation‘. I took a concept art which was created by the company ‚Intrepid Studios‘ and created a 3D version of it. The project was shared on the company’s website and on their Twitter page (-> Testimonials).


Deer Oh my deer! Previous Next


Rabbit Cozy moonlight scene with a rabbit and some environment fog.

Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament RBD simulation of a christmas ornament. Previous Next


Dessert Inspired by the professional Houdini-Artist Rohan Dalvi I tried to recreate this „making dessert in houdini“ project with my own set of 3D applications.

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